Can I get more IP's

IPv4 are 1USD each per month
IPv6 are 0.50USD (/64) each per month
You get a discount if you get subnet blocks

Can I use my own rDNS

Yes: but you need to have your own subnet min size /27 and you may need your own ASN
If your IPs are in more then one subnet you will need to open a support ticket asking to move to your own subnet

Do you offer reseller plans

Well not in name but every product can be managed via our API (Clients) and most products have volume discounts

I dont like the look of the portal

We are open to suggestions but Our portal only makes use of our public API so you can make your own Panel
We would love to see what you come up with

Can I run ____ on my service

If it does not break our Tos and the local laws for where the server is located it should be fine
For Adult content you need to infrom us before hand